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SEO Copywriting services have become critical to an effectively implemented web strategy.  As new search engine ranking techniques emerge, and then subsequently abused, partnering with the right SEO company may be the most important decision impacting the success of your online presence.

Search engines are not trying to challenge website optimization. What they are trying to achieve is the right balance between valid content that will be important to a reader against content that was generated to increase page rank.  Users of search engines have many options to search the web. The user will reject search engines that return too many irrelevant links.

SEO abuse has reached a level that a term has been coined describing it. Black-hat refers to techniques used to exploit a search engine in ways that have a negative effect on the search engine itself.

Most SEO copywriting services provide intelligent, legible copywriting – which would be considered ‘white-hat SEO’. For example, Google, the most widely used search engine on the planet, is constantly trying to improve their search engine by providing relevant search results that provide content and relevant data (good copywriting).

Black-hat SEO techniques generally exploit ranking algorithms to promote sites that have little or no ‘unique’ content. If the the first 5 web pages listed do not provide what you were looking for, but conversely, inundated you with sponsored links  supporting other useless pages, users will quickly move away from that search engine.  Google monitors and researches user frustration levels to adjust search engine algorithms.  What does this all mean to you? It means that your site will need to provide targeted, relevant content to rank highly the search engine.

Hiring a qualified copywriter will improve the impact of your online and submitted article campaigns.  Companies offering SEO copywriting should use specific guidelines when writing and then uploading their copy.  Copywriters generally keep a portfolio of prior work for new customers to review.  Ask for a sample to see how the copywriter’s style and tone match your marketing campaign.

Proper HTML Tagging, internal linking and keyword distribution hold as much importance as is the ‘uniqueness’ of the copywriting.  Our research has shown that adding copy that does not take into consideration current SEO issues will penalize your website.

Alfa Web Solutions has been writing unique copy for the internet for over a decade. We write unique copy for almost every client we have. We have over 3000 pages of published unique content on the internet from articles to press releases covering a breadth and depth of topics. We are proud to offer a professional, ethical SEO copywriting service. Copywriting and the optimization of that copy is a specialty of ours. If you would like more information on our SEO copywriting services or have questions about your project, please click here.

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