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Online press releases have multiple functions and if implemented correctly provide a many benefits to a company. There is the obvious benefit of spreading the word on new products, investments, services or acquisitions. The not so obvious benefit of optimized online press releases includes increasing the avenues in which a potential customer reaches your website.

The steady addition of content to your growing website increases spider activity and decreases index time.  Both improve the ranking of your website.

As outlined in our copywriting and article submission articles, using strategic keywords analysis in your online press releases create beneficial inbound links and link popularity. Optimized press releases use keywords that fit with the flow of the release and help improve your site rank.

Our research has shown that stale websites rapidly lose visitors.  When someone searches for information and reads a page article, they will probably scroll to see the date that the article or press release was published before reading it. The same concept applies for your website. When someone comes to your business’s website and sees you published optimized press release published days prior, it gives the browser the feeling that your business is active and vibrant.

Alfa Web Solutions offers online press releases as part of some of their SEO packages when they make sense to the business. If you feel you have read some techniques on our site that your current SEO Company has failed to mention, you may not be receiving all the services available from a professional, ethical SEO Company. Feel free to contact us about your project or with any questions on this field.

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