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Every business wants the opportunity to expose their product or service to potential clients that are ready to purchase.  This concept is the foundation of pay-per-click advertising services.  This type of advertising is an effective way to move your website up the rankings of search engines.

Here is how this works:

A search engine company will offer the option to a URL owner to register certain keywords or phrases.  The search engine company will then ask how much the owner is willing to pay to have a top ranking on the “sponsored links” column when a person enters the keyword or phrase.   (more on keyword analysis here) The higher the bid you agree to for a search term, the higher the placement on the sponsored links column.  When the person clicks on your company link, they are immediately directed to that page on your website.  The search engine company then charges you for the click.  There is no charge if the person does not click on your link.  This is why the industry calls it “Pay-per-click” advertising.

The search engine company also requires that you set a daily budget for your campaign.  Once potential customers spend the daily budget, your company no longer appears in the “sponsored links” column until the next day.  The challenge for any pay-per-click campaign is bidding the right amount of money for your website link to appear on the top section of the sponsored links section.  A major issue to consider when designing a pay-per-click campaign is the more common the keyword, the higher the cost (up to several dollars) when a person clicks on your link.  Common keywords may generate traffic for your site, but the traffic may not be the right client type to buy what you sell.  Additionally, their surfing of your site spent part of your daily advertising budget.

Some search engines allow the URL owner to control the linked text displayed from a search.  Others do not allow flexibility.  The average listing length is 50 characters.  The longest description usually allowed is under 200 characters. To maximize the pull through of keywords to specific pages of your website, optimize the keywords and phrases to match those pages.

Pay-per-click advertising requires constant management and monitoring of results.  To determine if the keywords are resulting in the right customers seeing the correct pages, the campaign requires daily monitoring.  Management of the campaign ensures that each ad is drawing the optimum number of visitors.

There are many tools and techniques available to help optimize the conversion of clicks to purchases.  Testing, research, and experience are the main ways to optimize “call to action” statements, improving your campaign results. Alfa Web Solutions has the experience to apply the right tools to manage your pay-per-click campaign.

Internet Advertising and Pay-Per-Click Management

Alfa Web Solutions experienced team will optimize and manage your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign to help you fully realize the return on this important investment.  Put our experience and knowledge to work for you.  Alfa Web Solutions lets you focus on the core competencies of running your business rather than worry about the complexities of managing a PPC campaign.

Invest with Alfa Web Solutions to maximize the impact of your PPC campaign and increase sales of your products or services.

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