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The term off page optimization refers to web site optimization techniques, implementations that help improve webpage search engine ranking, and that are not implemented directly on the pages or HTML file.  Because some websites abused on page optimization, off page optimization carries more weight.

The definition of optimization is to improve the functionality of a system or design.  At Alfa Web Solutions, our definition of optimization is to take the functionality and improve it to be as effective as possible.  Alfa Web Solutions achieves off page optimization using techniques that improve the page search engine ranking, functionality, and effectiveness of converting readers to customers, while improving the content the reader sees.

Alfa Web Solutions constantly improves the tools available to ensure that our customers obtain the best result possible.  Alfa Web Solutions uses research, creative thinking and massive live testing to keep on the cutting edge in this field.

Inbound Links

Although the shift of weight from on page optimization to off-page optimization is relatively new to website optimization, the use of inbound linking  (especially one way link building) is not new to website optimization.  Recently, the specific art or inbound linking has changed slightly.  In the past, websites amassed as many inbound links as possible from any page.  As the website owner, you may have received spam e-mail asking for you to reciprocate a link to another webpage.  Because of this abuse of reciprocal linking, search engines have reduced the weighting of links for ranking purposes.  Links from another page to your website should now meet the following criteria:

  • The inbound link should come from a page that is realted to the content on your page. (This is also referred to as LocalRank, a Google patented algorithm.
  • The anchor text used for the inbound link should consist of one or more keywords chosen using keyword research.
  • The PageRank (Google’s ranking system) of the page linking to you also carries weight – an inbound link from a PR7 page is approximately 10 times better than an inbound link from a page with a PR6. PageRank can be loosely compared to the Richter scale in terms of incremental weight.

For more information, please visit our One Way Link Building page. PageRank is extremely important in Off Page Optimization and indeed all facets of web site optimization. Click here for more on the Google search engine.

Click Density

Click density is another Off Page Optimization technique that can increase your ranking. First designed by the Direct Hit engine, this weight is calculated by monitoring what links are actually followed in search engine results. Having a better, more concise and professional HTML meta tag description can help your Click Density as this summary information is displayed in most search engine results. Another way to accumulate Click Density is to use the technique of article submission.

Article Submission

Article submission is an Off Page Optimization technique where articles consisting of content related to your page are posted into other article submission pages. These can be blogs, forums or articles. If these pages have high PageRank,  utilize these pages as an an inbound link (One Way Link Building) to your website. When submitting an article, create a link back to your website using the methodology explained in the Inbound Links section. Make sure the article is relevant not only to your page, but to the section of the article site that you are submitting. Some article submission sites are free (as more content helps their page build PageRank), and some which have a high PageRank actually ask a fee for article submission. This is caused by the growing popularity of web site optimization and SEO. For more information, please refer to our Article Submission page.

Directory Submission

Like article submissions, directory submissions have become an important web site optimization technique. Simply put, you submit your page with a brief summary to various directories. If you place the submission in the proper category, (the one most closely related to the content on the page to which you are linking ) and if you use proper anchor text ( inbound linking ) then you have a high probability of increasing your search engine ranking. This off page optimization technique has grown rapidly in the past few years. As a result we are closely watching to see if it holds less weight as the algorithms change. For the time being, it is a method worth implementing. Use caution, as listing your site in some directories can actually penalize your website. Be wary of directories that link to pornography or casino sites. Some directories that have incredible PageRank charge a fee for listing your site or incur a ridiculously long submission approval time. DMOZ, for example, can take up to a year to facilitate your submission request but carries an exceptional amount of weight. The art of directory submission is just that – an art. It takes experience and testing to know what the best directories are and which ones are worth paying for. For more information on Alfa Web Solution’s Directory Submission Service, click here.

Domain Age

A lesser known Off Page Optimization technique is domain age. Domain Age became important when Google unveiled their PageRank system. As a rule, ‘older’ domains hold more weight than ‘younger’ domains. Finding the ‘right’ domain name for your business is  critical – you want a name that reflects your business, is easy to remember, is easy to type,  etc. A good idea is to balance this with domain age. For example, there are countless domains for sale on the internet. This is because during the dot com bubble and after PageRank, internet savvy prospectors realized the growing importance of the ‘perfect’ domain name in the inaugural stages of web site optimization. Hundreds of thousands of domain names were bought and held, much like real estate. People with common business names found when they decided to sell online, their ‘business name’ or business niche domain was already taken, but not being used. The domain is being used to house sponsored links – the person holding this domain is making passive income from the domain by placing ads on the page. However, the domain is 6 years old and is for sale – for $19,000. This is because the combination of domain name (video and games are huge keywords) and because the age (6 years isn’t extremely old, but the domain price will rise as it gets older). When choosing a domain name for a new business online, it may be beneficial to find a domain for sale that is older. This will immediately improve your search engine ranking. As with all online campaign tactics, balance the expense of a purchased web name with the potential return having a higher search engine placement will have for your products.

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