Link Building

Link Building Experts

In terms of building traffic to your website, link building is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization.  Link popularitiy or building refers to the mechanism of securing text links pointed at specific pages in your website. By strategically selecting what page and what article an offsite link lands on will significantly improve your page scores. This is often referred to as off page optimization.  Currently building context relevant links to your website is a major factor that will improve your search engine results page (SERP) placement.

Link Popularity Campaigns

There are a wide variety of links.  The types of links emphasized in a link popularity campaign is dependent on the campaign goal.  If you have strong competitive pressures, or if your keywords are more common, then a different types of links will be emphasized.
Some of the types of campaingns include the following:

  • Reciprocal linking – This is the “you link to my website and I’ll link to yours” approach.
  • One way link building – Using articles as well as social bookmarking to link back to your page
  • Paid Links – Creating a website a lease for a spot on a webpage through monthly or yearly payments

The type of link that you give and receive will greatly impact the effectiveness of your campaign.  Relevant, high quality, on-topic links pointed at specific articles within your website are very valuable to you, your SERP rankings and resultant quality of the web traffic you receive. Careful planning and analysis of both your website as well as the ranking of the other website is critical. Linking out to too many low quality websites sends a signal of less trust to the search engine algorithm.  Too many reciprocal links also send poor quality signals to the search engines. In addition, if the links are not relevant to the website content on both ends of the link, the page ranking will be negatively impacted.

At Alfa Web Solutions, we have experience executing high level link popularity campaigns for small, medium and large scale online businesses.  Our campaigns involve a natural cross section of manually built links using different methodologies.  From our strategic analysis, we utilize a blend of one-way links, specifically targeted reciprocal links to high-ranking sites, article distribution and social networking site posts.  As an expert SEO consultant, we are able to manage your entire project effectively, and rapidly in order to provide you with the best results, regardless of the size of the campaign.