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Directory submission is a foundation technique of off page optimization. Submitting your page to a web site directory may create trusted, weighted links that give readers another avenue to access your site. Because of the popularity of directory submission, it is becoming increasingly important to know which web site directory or directories to use. Website directory submissions, like other aspects of search engine optimization were in the past. Some sites will improve the standing of a submitted site, while other directories will hurt the overall ranking. The major search engines penalize you for submitting to directories that have either adult content or gambling links. Over the years, Alfa Web Solutions has gained in-depth experience in directory submission, creating business relationships with some of the major trusted directories, resulting in virtually zero penalization.

Alfa Web Solutions also owns websites, which are submitted to strategically grouped web site directories for research and analysis. When the credibility of a website declines, and rankings drop, we create a plan to remove our clients from those directories.

If you would like to more information about our directory submission service or have questions about your project, click here to contact us.

Don’t trust just any company to submit your site to bulk directories that may be tarnish your online presence.

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