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Article writing and article submission has evolved into a critical tool of SEO strategy. The increase of popularity of article writing resulted directly from the PageRank system implemented by the Google search engine (and later WebRank by the Yahoo! search engine).

Article writing is a combination of both On Page Optimization (used in the writing of the article) and Off Page Optimization (used in the submission process and one-way link building).

When writing an article for your own website, the major elements of On Page Optimization should be considered by the author. The choice of keywords, as well as the number of keywords used should be highly targeted.  If a particular article contains too many keywords or concepts, consider splitting the content into two separate articles to gain the greatest benefit from each article.

Article Writing Software

Some websites have attempted to speed the authorship process by using article-writing software.  The software may create an article rich in keywords but be completely unreadable by the viewer.  The goal of the article is to draw a reader in and convert that reader to a paying customer.  Poorly written articles or articles with grammatical errors will detract from the image of your company and create negative word of mouth before anybody tries your products.

Google  has begun a push to calculate semantics and detect writing that is not ‘organic’ or natural  This change has made a negative impact on site ranking.  Companies who used this software in the past are now starting to seek out professional copywriters.

Internal Linking of Articles

Internal linking is also important when article writing. Links from the article to other articles on your website (preferably in the same level of hierarchy) assist spiders index your site.  Through strategically placed internal links, your website will look ‘larger’ in the eyes of the search engine. Current algorithms used by search engines rank larger websites higher.

Search engines penalize sites for poorly chosen internal links. Alfa Web Solutions is closely monitoring the state of the art in indexing, watching trends to see how poor keyword distribution or grammatical errors typically seen in article writing software is impacting page rankings.

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